Past Shows





27th May 2015

Audio, Glasgow.

w/ Blood Thread + guests.

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13th April 2015

Audio, Glasgow.

w/ Tombs + Black Anvil.

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12th September 2014

Audio, Glasgow.

With Man Made Origin and Storm Of Embers.

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14th July 2014

Audio, Glasgow.

Supporting Inquisition with Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta.

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17th May 2014

13th Note, Glasgow.

Supporting Scordutura with Exile the Traitor and Goatshit.

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6th October 2013

Pivo Pivo, Glasgow.

with Excellent Cadaver, Circle of Tyrants, Portionfed and Hydra's Cry.

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27th September 2013

The Duchess, York.

Warhorns Festival 2013 with Infernal Creation and Northern Oak.

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25th May 2013

Non-Zero's, Dundee.

Supporting Falloch with Man Made Origin, Abandoned Stars and Tosca.

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13th April 2013

Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow.

North Of The Wall Festival 2013 with Scordatura, Diementia, Achren, Atragon plus more to be announced.

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8th January 2013

King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow.

King Tut's New Year's Revolution with Exile The Traitor, 15 Times Dead and Blood Thread.

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23rd November 2012

The Corinna, Perth.

The Progressive Decay Tour with Talanas, Spires and Man Made Origin.

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28th September 2012

The Venue, Dumfries.

With Exile The Traitor, Anecephalic and Colours To Shame.

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22nd September 2012

Beat Generator Live, Dundee.

Hordes Of Belial Festival with The Rotted, Achren, Threshold Sicks, Zillah and more.

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7th September 2012

The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh.

With Atragon, Common Gods and Norderobring.

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4th September 2012

13th Note, Glasgow.

With Desecrator, Man Made Origin and Norderobring.

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27th July 2012

Stereo, Glasgow.

Supporting Wodensthrone with A Forest Of Stars and Haar.

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22nd June 2012

Ivory Blacks, Glasgow.

Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses Final.

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20th May 2012

Ivory Blacks, Glasgow.

Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses Semi Final.



15th May 2012

Stairway, Glasgow.

With Concept Of Time, Farseer and Morlich.



4th May 2012

Floor 5 - Dundee University Students Association, Dundee.

With Zombie Militia and Dog Tired.

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1st April 2012

Ivory Blacks, Glasgow.

Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses first round.


18th February 2012

Fibbers, York.

Supporting Tyr and Ravenage.

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2nd October 2011

Ivory Blacks, Glasgow.

With Bridges Burned, Reign, Chaos Creek and Liberty Fallen.

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22nd July 2011

Soundhaus, Glasgow.

With El Schlong, Secta Rouge and Bacchus Baracus.

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11th December 2010

Ivory Blacks, Glasgow.

With Winterfylleth, Achren and Cnoc An Tursa.

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12th January 2010

Highlight, Glasgow.

With Burn The Sunset, Sacred Betrayal and Switchblade Scream.





18th April 2009

Classic Grand, Glasgow.

With Crysalys, Switchblade Scream & Concept of Time.





22nd November 2008

Studio 24, Edinburgh.

With Alestorm and Man Of The Hour.


21st November 2008

Cahouse, Glasgow.

With Alestorm and Man Of The Hour.


13th November 2008

Classic Grand, Glasgow.

With Griever, Invain and Switchblade Scream.


16th September 2008

Ivory Blacks , Glasgow.

With Abgott, Keep Of Kalessin and Disguise.


30th May 2008

Sound Haus, Glasgow.

With Alba Gu Bragh and Acension.





31st October 2007

Barfly, Glasgow.

With Burning Earth, Blob and Concept Of Time.


22nd September 2007

13th Note, Glasgow.

With Necro Ritual and Daemonolith.


20th September 2007

Sound Haus, Glasgow.

With Sagarmath, Sovereign and Shadows Shall Remain.


26th August 2007

Glasgow Barfly.

With Genetik Blueprint, Three Days Born and LSD.


22nd June 2007

Subway, Edinburgh.

With Daemonolith


16th June 2007

Sound Haus, Glasgow.

With Conquest Of Steel, Achren and Circle Of Tyrants.


31st May 2007

Sound Haus, Glasgow.

With Immanis, Bekon, Genepool and Sanguinus.


13th April 2007

Massacre @ Sound Haus, Glasgow.

With Dawn of Chaos, Vicseral Diety and Argonath.





4th December 2006

Barfly, Glasgow.

With Argonath, Concept Of Time and Torne.


15th October 2006

Barfly, Glasgow.

With Centurion's Ghost, The Prophecy and Argonath.


4th October 2006

Capitol, Glasgow.

Oxjam Metal Night with: Squealing Filth, Minus One and Amok.


30th September 2006

Sound Haus, Glasgow.

Halls of Metal Festival with Godplayer, Co-Exist, Zillah, Dionysus, Sanguinus, Immaris, Centuries Cry, Paradox and Sindustry.


5th September 2006

Cathouse, Glasgow.

With Centuries Cry, Novella, Atreus and Passion Beyond Reason.


26th August 2006

13th Note, Glasgow.

Massacre night with Dionysus, Carpathia and Novella.


19th July 2006

13th Note, Glasgow.

With Achren, Dionysus and Paradox.


17th July 2006

13th Note, Glasgow.

With Anata and Callous.


29th June 2006

Sound Haus, Glasgow.

With Paradox, Novella, Stillborn and Theory of Mine.


6th June 2006

Sound Haus, Glasgow.

With Hatch, Mengle, Red Star Republic and Execution Chamber.


24th May 2006

13th Note, Glasgow.

With Centuries Cry and Sanguinus.


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