Maelstrom was formed in 2004 by school friends Wull Hay and Scott Simpson. In it's early stages, the band took the form of a 2-man project that was never intended for live performance. During 2004, the pair recorded their first self-titled demo on a shoestring budget, using only a 4-track recording unit at Scott's home near Glasgow. On the strength of these recordings, the project started to attract attention within the Glasgow metal community.


In 2005, the prospect of live performances came into question and it was decided that a full line-up would need to be found to progress any further. The band was completed with the arrival of drummer Donnie Temple, and 7-string bassist Chris Cameron.


Throughout 2006 the band existed as a 4-piece, and now under the name Maelstrom, began writing and rehearsing new material. As the music started to develop, it became apparent that a keyboard player was needed. Linzi Brown came to their attention at a drunken party, and joined later that year as a fifth member. With this new line-up, Maelstrom played their live debut on 24th May 2006 at the 13th Note in Glasgow.


In 2007, the band recorded their first full-length release entitled "The Shores At Dawn".


In 2009 Linzi Brown left the band and was replaced by Jaime Cross. The band started writing and recording a second album, but due to other commitments production was halted. This also affected live performances, but with Jamie Kerr joining as an additional guitarist, Maelstrom still managed to play a handful of live shows over the following two years.


2012 saw the departure of Chris Cameron and Jamie Kerr. Both were replaced by Al Douglas and Steven Grenfell. With the band now cemeted as a 6 piece, they began playing live once again. Realising the length of time which had passed since their debut record was released, the band put together an EP, made up of tracks from the first record and the yet-to-be-released second album. "The Midnight EP" was released on 5th September 2012, marking a long awaited return for the group.


This year, the band plan to follow up their EP release with the second full-length album entitled "Sunlight".


Line-up: (Click to view)


lead vocal | Will Hay


bass | Al Douglas


keyboards | Jaime Cross


guitar | Steven Grenfell


drums and percussion | Donnie Temple


guitar, vocal | Scott Simpson


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The Midnight EP





Physical CD

The Shores At Dawn





Physical CD


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